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5/23/2016 Terri had2 ports and a PICC line fail. She's now on her 3rd port and after reducing the dosage of blood thinner, it seems to be doing well. She couldn't tolerate the chemo that she started with and she has taken a break while trying to regain strength. The tumor in the pancreas is larger and her tumor markers higher. She is going to try a new chemo regimine, but realisticly She will quickly progress to just palliative care. Thank you, everyone for being patient. It is getting harder to leave Terri's side. If my ability to treat our customers as I would want to be treated gets much worse, I'll have to close the website. Until that happens, the site won't let you order more product than I have.

1/23/2016 Our home just needs a few minor finishing touches. Furniture is scheduled for delivery and we are axious to move back home! Terri was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. She is in a lot of pain, and not able to do much before collapsing in exhaustion. But ever the optimist, she is anxious to be creative again.

10/13/2015  Rebuilding is progressing. We finally are temporarily housed in a space where we can resume some operations. We are re-stocking our most popular supplies and the website is updated with current quantities.

About 1:00 am Monday July 6. 2015, We had a lightning strike at our electrical service entrance. Don was just walking to the bathroom when he heard an extremely loud thunder boom, saw two bright lights at the same time and felt the house shake. Terri & I made it out with our dog. Our two cats had to be rescued by the firemen. We are in the process of rebuilding, so that Terradon will be better than ever. Stock designs are stiill able to be downloaded. Paypal eliminates the lag for me to approve the charge, so temporarily, that may be the payment method that will allow downloads the fastest. We hope to approve temporary housing this next week. That will allow us to begin restocking the backings, thread, bobbins, and needles that many have come to love. I will post a notice when anything is back on stock. Obviously, we will refuse to ship anything that is not new and in perfect condition. Our reputation demands nothing less. Thanks to our many friends who have offered thoughts, prayers, and help during this difficult period. 

Terri and Don Hanson are the owners of Terradon Embroidery.  We have a passion for machine embroidery and love to help you create beautiful embroidery.

We offer the best products at reasonable prices and free advice on how to use them.   If you have a question you can always call or email us.  Helping others enjoy embroidery is our goal and we have always treated our customers as our friends.   

Terri is an award winning digitizer and can help you with custom designs.   Fill out our quote request form and she can advise you on the cost and options for a design.  She has years of experience and can create designs ranging from company logos to realistic dog portraits.   A great design will make you look like a pro and bring in more embroidery business.  She enjoys helping new embroidery companies and offers free advice on what will work for your project.    Check out her ever expanding stock design collection for quality designs.

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stock embroidery designs showing realistic dogs, applique and freestanding ornaments.


Football Charms
Sale price: $4.00