Fire Insurance cautions

I would like to start again with the lessons that I learned while dealing with insurance companies during our rebuild. There have been almost too many struggles to put in a single post. So, I’ll go back to periodic posts, all revolving around a single theme. Today is record keeping. There have been several times […]

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Many of you know that in the wee morning hours of July 6 we had a lightning strike our electrical service entrance. It followed the wires and started a fire in our attic that ultimately destroyed everything. Our home is almost rebuilt and I certainly learned a lot on the journey. I will post what […]

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Terri Sick

We had just finished meeting with the tile setter to discuss how the fireplace was to be when Terri told me to drive her to the emergency room. After an overnight stay, she was transferred to a sister hospital where they specialized in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Soon she was having tumors in her pancreas […]

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Our Site is Certified Safe

We’ve all seen the news stories about the latest data breach. The names read like a “who’s who” of prominent businesses and organizations. Since 2008, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has required merchants to comply with published Data Security Standards (DSS). In a classic case of convoluted logic, “Compliance” with those standards has been required. […]

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Embroidered Jewelry

Making jewelry with your embroidery machine is fun, easy and fast!   This tutorial will give you the basics. Not all designs can be used to create jewelry.  The designs need to be freestanding lace type designs.  The designs are created so that the thread all locks together and will not unravel.  I have 100+ of […]

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Pink Project In the Hoop

  I am working on some door prizes today for PINK Day at my office. I am a breast cancer survivor and I organize a fundraiser event where we all wear Pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. We have pink treats and pink prizes. I made one of Peggy’s new In the Hoop bags […]

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